About Us

Smartpen Consultants is one of Kenya’s leading consulting firms. We support individuals in making important decisions on digital marketing, education consultancy and research. The firm was established and registered under the Business Registration No. BN/2016/406020 in January 2016 under registration of business act Cap 499, section 14. The company arose out of private consultants and trainers who used to offer training and consultancy individually before subsequently agreeing to join their hands and experience and form one of the best training and consultancy firms in Nairobi. From our small but resolute beginning, we have made major inroads into the training, consultancy and workshops market and established a track record of success in delivering high quality services. Currently we provide a wide variety of training and consultancy services under four thematic fields namely:

  • Digital Marketing and IT solutions
  • Training and Education Consultancy
  • Smart Research Services, and
  • Smart Publishing Solutions

We combine our knowledge of local conditions with the experience and skill that any consulting firm can offer, to provide our clients with first class professional services.

SmartPen is a team of consultants that have a proven and commendable track record in delivering the best quality services, standing out in this technologically changing and rapidly expanding sphere. We partner with our clients to help them achieve their training and consultancy needs.

Together with our clients, Smartpen works towards achieving clear competitive advantages and upgrading enterprise value over the long term. Since our foundation, we have been measuring our success by the results of our consulting work, which so far remains promising.